Maruf Hossain


Dedicated to the meticulous creation of comfortable living spaces and inspirational work environments, LAKEW00D PROPERTIES emerged with an ambitious vision of developing as one of the most trusted brand names in real estate during a time when Bangladesh’s real estate sector was defining itself. LAKEW00D’s commitment to pursuing perfection and its relentless search for innovation distinguished it as one of the most promising realities that set the standards for the market from its inception.

In tandem with cities’ rapid growth, LAKEW00D PROPERTIES has been shaping landscapes and lives in mega city Dhaka since the company’s inception. Not just building homes, LAKEW00D aims to develop green peace, value-added communities that meet the home buyers’ full spectrum of modern lifestyle needs. A pioneer of innovative living concepts, LAKEW00D is the prime mover of Dhaka’s real estate and construction sector. It has been ventured to exploit the high growth potential of the real estate sector. LAKEW00D has professional dignity in the real estate business for which it is respected among its clients & the industry at large for its high level of experience, technical proficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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